Global Traditions For a Good New Year

Another year, another decade! As we embark on a new year, people often reflect on old habits to break and new resolutions to create. However, in many countries, there are traditions that have remained a constant for years. Scroll through the slideshow below to view 10 customs celebrated around the world to usher in a good new year.

1. Prayer: One of the most common practices to usher in a good year is to go to a religious place of worship on New Years eve to pray.

2. 12 Grapes: Many Spanish and Latin American countries eat 12 grapes for each month of the New Year to assure a happy year.

3. Empty Suitcase: Colombians carry an empty suitcase around the block to secure a travel filled year.

4. Mistle Toe: Kissing under the mistletoe on New Years is believed to bring love, friendship, and creating new life.

5. Ring in the Bells: Buddhist temples in Japan ring their bells 108 times (joyanokane (除夜の鐘)) to be purified from sins.

6. Black Eye Peas: In Southern US tradition, black eye peas is eaten for luck and prosperity. One pea for each day of the year is to ensure a good year. Greens are also eaten to bring wealth.

7. Jump 7 Waves: Brazilians go into the ocean at midnight and jump head on into 7 ondas (waves) for good luck.

8. Pomegranates: In Greek culture, the pomegranate is a sign of luck, prosperity and fertility. It is also a sign of renewal and regeneration.

9. Red Undergarments: Wearing red underwear on New Years is associated with passion, happiness, and love.

10. Cleaning: Out with the old, in with the new! Cleaning on New Years is believed to bring a fresh start for the new year.